Family Law Mediation

These days mediation is a required step before many family law matters may proceed to court action. In many cases, the former partners will resolve their areas of disagreement at this stage, saving time, money and a lot of stress. The collaborative nature of

In the context of family law disputes, unfortunately for many, the default position is to seek legal help and pursue a resolution through litigation. Whilst this approach is largely borne out of people simply not knowing all of their options,

Increasingly throughout the World alternate dispute resolution, be it through mediation, collaborative law or arbitration is becoming the norm, as courts more and more divert people in dispute away from litigation. What's Wrong with Litigation? Litigation is lengthy, expensive, an emotional rollercoaster

Mediation is a highly effective way of resolving family law dispute mediation to do with property or parenting matters. Generally speaking, the far majority of matters that are mediated are done so successfully saving separated couples tens and potentially hundreds of

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