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How Does Mediation Help Co-Parenting

Most separated parents want to equally maintain parenting responsibilities. The success of this often depends on how amicable the relationship is between you and your ex-partner. It goes without saying that if you are both embroiled in long-standing litigation it’s probably

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How Much Does Mediation Cost?

The cost of mediation depends upon where you’re currently at in resolving your family law dispute and the type of dispute. There are a number of mediation avenues for you to consider in resolving your family law dispute. If your

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Litigation or Mediation? Choose Very Wisely!

At the outset, let’s be very clear, mediation is not litigation. Litigation, of course, conjures up in the minds of many people, a battle to the end, with no real winners or losers, but rather most likely two battle fatigued

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The Seven Most Common Questions About Mediation

1. Why You Should Consider Mediation Numerous legal matters these days require you to attend mediation as a pre-requisite before having your matter heard in court. It’s the court’s way of sign-posting to you that it is far more effective

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