5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Mediation for Child Custody Disputes

When a couple’s relationship ends, things can become so bitter and emotional that people can think going to court is the only way to resolve the issues between them, including the custody and raising of any children from the union. […]

How to Get Ready for Property Settlement Mediation

When it comes to family law matters, none of us really want to go to court. Unfortunately when a couple separates, dividing up the property assets acquired either jointly or separately during the relationship can prove to be a conflict-riddled […]

The Role of the Lawyer in Mediation

These days mediation is a required step before many family law matters may proceed to court action. In many cases, the former partners will resolve their areas of disagreement at this stage, saving time, money and a lot of stress. […]

Difference Between Mediation & Conciliation

There are a variety of terms used in the area of alternative dispute resolution (usually referred to these days as just ‘dispute resolution’) and at times, they can be confusing. Two of the most common terms are mediation and conciliation. […]

How Mediation Can Help in Financial Agreements

In the context of family law disputes, unfortunately for many, the default position is to seek legal help and pursue a resolution through litigation. Whilst this approach is largely borne out of people simply not knowing all of their options, […]

Mediate, Collaborate or Litigate.

In the context of family law disputes, unfortunately for many, the default position is to seek legal help and pursue a resolution through litigation. Whilst this approach is largely borne out of people simply not knowing all of their options, […]

What Do I Need to Disclose in My Property Settlement Dispute?

The effective resolution of family law disputes mediation relating to property settlements relies upon transparency between you and your ex-partner to fully disclose relevant information to each other. Typically “disclosure” is discussed in the context of financial matters, but it also […]

Nothing Alternate About Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Increasingly throughout the World alternate dispute resolution, be it through mediation, collaborative law or arbitration is becoming the norm, as courts more and more divert people in dispute away from litigation. What’s Wrong with Litigation? Litigation is lengthy, expensive, an […]

Family Law Mediation. What Happens If I Don’t Want to Do It?

At the outset, there are circumstances in which mediation is not appropriate and we will detail them further in this article.  In Australia and throughout the World there is a growing acknowledgment that litigation does not work, but for the […]

How to Get Ready for Mediation

Mediation is a highly effective way of resolving family law dispute mediation to do with property or parenting matters. Generally speaking, the far majority of matters that are mediated are done so successfully saving separated couples tens and potentially hundreds of […]

Becoming Independent Sooner. How Mediation Can Help You Agree on Spousal Support

The last predicament you want to be in following separation is without money. Yet it’s not uncommon for people to leave a relationship without properly considering everything.  It goes without saying that once separated people can feel the financial brunt very […]

Is Mediation Expensive?

In the scheme of things, mediation is inexpensive when compared with the alternatives. But it also needs to be considered in the context of if successful, the massive amount of time and emotional energy you save in resolving in this […]

How Does Mediation Help Co-Parenting

Most separated parents want to equally maintain parenting responsibilities. The success of this often depends on how amicable the relationship is between you and your ex-partner.  It goes without saying that if you are both embroiled in long-standing litigation it’s probably […]

The Different Ways to Resolve Family Law Disputes

There are now numerous ways to resolve property settlements mediation without having to go to court. For example, Australian courts make mediation a mandatory step in the litigation process.  The reason for this is that judicial officers in family law jurisdictions […]

When Should We Consider Property Settlement Mediation?

There is one myth that is often prevalent in the minds of separated couples that they need to wait until they’re divorced before considering a property settlement. This is not true and in fact, quite the opposite.  Strict Time Frames for […]

How Much Does Mediation Cost?

The cost of mediation depends upon where you’re currently at in resolving your family law dispute and the type of dispute.  There are a number of mediation avenues for you to consider in resolving your family law dispute. If your […]

Litigation or Mediation? Choose Very Wisely!

At the outset, let’s be very clear, mediation is not litigation. Litigation, of course, conjures up in the minds of many people, a battle to the end, with no real winners or losers, but rather most likely two battle fatigued […]

I’m Contemplating Separation, Do I See a Lawyer or a Mediation Practice First?

We encourage you to contact Mediators Australia first. We can answer your questions about whether or not mediation may work in your particular circumstance. In the event that you see a family lawyer first, depending upon the practitioner, you may […]

The 7 Most Common Questions About Mediation

1. Why You Should Consider Mediation Numerous legal matters these days require you to attend mediation as a pre-requisite before having your matter heard in court. It’s the court’s way of sign-posting to you that it is far more effective […]

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