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Resolve Your Spousal Support Dispute Easier

“Delays in the family law court system are exacerbating the difficulties that can arise when couples break up, lawyers have said.”

The Times, 7 March 2019

Spousal Support Mediation

Despite a relationship ending, the responsibility upon spouses to financially support each other does not conclude.

Commonly Asked Questions

How does spousal support become payable?

Generally speaking, spousal support becomes payable when:

  • You or your ex-partner are unable to support themselves from their income or another source of funds (such as money in the bank, or assets which can be sold such as shares); and
  • You or your ex-partner has the capacity to provide financial support either from their income or from a source of funds that they solely control.

It’s not unusual for disputes in regard to spousal support to arise. Like any other dispute in the context of family law mediation, these disputes providing there is a willingness by you and your ex-partner to talk it through can be resolved through mediation.

Where should I start?

If there is a dispute in relation to spousal support between you and your ex-partner, we encourage you to contact us to discuss. We then can make a time to discuss the matter with your ex-partner and propose a day and time for a mediation on the matter to occur. Importantly, if there is an agreement that is reached during mediation, we will have the agreement endorsed by the Court to ensure its legal standing.

What should I do now?

Call Mediations Australia and one of our Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney mediation teams can assess your situation regarding spousal support and advise whether or not we think you have good prospects of a resolution through mediation. We can cover this in our initial, free, no-obligation call.

How Mediations
Australia Can Help
You Today

We Assess Your Dispute for Free

At Mediations Australia, we offer a free, initial, no-obligation consultation with one of our Accredited Mediators.

We Will Coordinate the Mediation

No need to worry about contacting the other party to your dispute. We’ll do that all for you.

Fixed Fee Mediation

You will know at the outset exactly what the mediation fees will be. In other words, unlike litigation, you’ll get no surprise legal bills in the mail.

Get help from our Mediations Australia