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Mediations Australia’s Gold Coast team are experienced family lawyers and family dispute resolution practitioners with national accreditation.

What sets the Gold Coast team at Mediations Australia apart is that we are both experienced family lawyers, with knowledge of family court practise, relevant legislation and case law, but also family dispute resolution practitioners with national accreditation. This is a fairly rare combination in Australia and allows us to give clients a properly informed picture of how dispute resolution can work for them versus litigating their dispute through the courts.

Why Choose
Mediations Australia
to Help You

We Are Family Lawyers

Because of our experience both practising family law and working as mediators, Mediations Australia can tailor our dispute resolution processes to your situation.

But We’re Not Really Family Lawyers

While mediation aims to produce a ‘win-win’ situation for both parties, going to court for an adversarial hearing leads to a decision that produces a winner and a loser. At Mediations Australia we are all about a resolution that works for both parties and prevents further legal action in court, which is expensive and time-consuming. Our objective is always to sort out your family dispute as promptly as possible.

We Don’t Play Like Family Lawyers

Litigation can cost anywhere from a minimum of $60,000 upwards, not including ‘hidden’ legal costs. In comparison dispute resolution is much more affordable and we are always transparent from the start about our fees, with no extra, hidden charges. This is reflected in practices such as collaborative law, where everyone involved makes a prior agreement to seek a solution rather than move the matter to the courts, and family law arbitration, which resembles a court judgment but is faster and more accessible to the parties than the family court.

Our Gold Coast Mediation
Resolution Process

We start with an initial consultation where we discuss the various forms of dispute resolution we offer and which might work best in your circumstances. Provided you agree with our recommendations we can also involve your ex-partner and demonstrate to them the benefits of mediation when compared with court litigation. If both parties then agree to go forward with mediation, our Gold Coast office will make all the arrangements for it to take place.

At this stage we will prepare both you and your ex for the day by explaining how the mediation is conducted and what we hope to achieve. Both of you may have a preference for the form of mediation, whether that is sitting in the same room together while one of our family law mediation experts guides you through a discussion of the issues, or a ‘shuttle’ mediation where you each sit in different rooms and we go between both of you until an agreement can be reached. Whichever method works for both of you, the aim is to identify and air the important issues in dispute and help both of you work out a resolution. If an agreement can be reached, Mediations Australia will document the agreement and then get it validated by the relevant court so that it is legally binding on both parties.

Our Gold Coast

We have a number of mediation rooms across the Gold Coast and can organise the sessions at venues convenient to you. If you have more questions about our dispute resolution processes or anything else relating to your family dispute, contact the Gold Coast of Mediations Australia today on 1800 952 380.

How Gold Coast
Can Help You

Family disputes arising from separation or divorce are not easy on anyone but if you’re in the midst of one and living on the Gold Coast, Mediations Australia can help. We are experienced family lawyers who focus on dispute resolution to help you find agreement on the crucial issues without needing to go through the expense and conflict of the court process.

Family Law Disputes

Our accredited family law mediators on the Gold Coast employ a number of different means to help you and your former partner find a path through your family law dispute to a place where you can both agree and move forward.

Section 601 Certificates

Under the Family Law Act Australian courts need to see that parties to a family law dispute have first attempted to find a resolution to their dispute through a process such as out-of-court mediation. If former partners have attempted to do this, a Section 601 certificate is issued to show that they have made a genuine effort to resolve their dispute via this means. Our Gold Coast family mediators can issue Section 601 certificates as part of our dispute resolution services.

Parenting Plans

When there are children involved in a relationship that breaks down, working out what happens after separation can be an emotional time. Mediations Australia on the Gold Coast will create the right environment for you and your ex-partner to negotiate a legally binding parenting plan that preserves your relationship with your ex and best meets the needs of the children.

De Facto Relationship Disputes

Dependant domestic relationships of two years or more qualify as de facto relationships in Australia and when they end, there are similar issues to sort out as when a marriage ends. Mediations Australia understands the unique issues in de facto relationships and will assist you and your ex-partner to cleanly separate through the mediation process.

Financial Agreements

It’s likely you jointly own assets and liabilities when a long-term relationship comes to an end. It can be a challenging process to divide these but our Gold Coast mediation experts provide the framework for both parties to come to a mutually satisfactory financial agreement and stay away from escalated legal action.

Property Settlements

Property is often a person’s most valuable possession and so is commonly a cause of dispute when it comes to settling matters between separating couples. Our Gold Coast mediation will guide both parties towards a resolution of your property matter so that a legally binding agreement can be formalised and the expense of court action avoided.

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