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Canberra Family Lawyers

Mediations Australia is a team of family lawyers and mediators. We help people resolve their family law dispute through an early resolution focus.

If you’re considering separation or have separated, and have concerns with regard to property settlement, parenting matters, child support matters, our team of Canberra Family Lawyers can help you today.

Why Choose our
Canberra Family Lawyers
to Help You

Are you thinking of getting a divorce or separating? At Mediations Australia, the knowledge of our family lawyers and mediators is your advantage.

We are Canberra Family Lawyers that focus on all elements of family law. Our dependable family lawyers are committed to reaching the best possible solution for your individual circumstance! We safeguard your rights, provide expert guidance, and maintain complete anonymity!

Separation, divorce, and child custody may be the most agonising and draining moments in your life. It is critical to know that when you choose the best Canberra Family Lawyers to help you resolve your family law matter.  Our Canberra Family Lawyers will ensure that you will be listened to, understood, and cared for from the start. As we assist you in resolving your family law concerns, our team of lawyers and mediators in Canberra will give you the highest-quality service as well as personal, sympathy, and attention.

Your initial consultation is free of charge.

How Our Family Lawyers Canberra Help

Our Canberra Family Lawyers and Mediators can assist you in moving on after the dissolution of your marriage or de facto relationship. Relationships fail for a number of reasons, but understanding why marriages and relationships fail can help you cope with your own circumstance. We also provide family law mediation as part of our Canberra family law services to assist resolve tricky conflicts involving property settlements, child support disputes, and parenting arrangements. In circumstances involving children, family law mediation can be extremely effective.

Canberra Parenting Lawyers

At Mediations Australia, our Canberra Family Lawyers and Mediators offer a variety of family law services to assist you in achieving the best possible outcome for your children’s wellbeing and welfare. Our family law professionals can help with any legal situation affecting a child’s welfare, such as child custody, adoption, adult child maintenance, child abduction, child support, domestic abuse, and foreign legal concerns involving children, such as overseas adoption. Allow us to assist you in reaching an arrangement that will safeguard your child or children.

Canberra Property Settlement Lawyers

Couples who are divorcing or separating must usually share their assets. A property settlement can be completed at any time after separation, however, time runs out 12 months after a Divorce Order is issued for divorced couples and within 24 months after the relationship ends for Defacto couples. Our Canberra Family Lawyers are skilled in property settlements and can also aid with the division of superannuation, which is regarded as any other major asset in a property settlement.

Canberra Domestic Violence Lawyers

No one should have to put up with domestic abuse, and there are steps that can be taken to make you and your family feel secure. Our Canberra Family Lawyers are extremely skilled in domestic violence legislation and can help you with legal representation, filing or responding to a Domestic Violence Order (DVO), and negotiating between parties named in a DVO. A Domestic Violence (DV) application protects everyone, whether they are male, female, or children. Allow us to assist you in feeling protected.

Canberra International Family Lawyers

Because of the significant variances in family law from country to country, when a family law problem crosses international borders, it becomes more complicated. At Mediations Australia, our family lawyers have the knowledge and resources to help local clients whose family law issues have crossed international boundaries, as well as foreign clients and law firms involved in international and domestic family law conflicts. We frequently assist clients with international family law matters such as separation and divorce, foreign child abduction, and overseas adoption processes.

Canberra Family Law Procedures

If a family law problem, such as parenting (child custody) or property settlement, cannot be resolved amicably, court proceedings may be initiated. Due to the complexities of the family court procedure, legal assistance from a family law specialist is required. Whether you live in Canberra or surrounding areas, our family lawyers are here to assist you every step of the way, from the application and interim hearing to the consent order and financial arrangement.

Canberra Family Lawyers Questions

What happens now that I’ve chosen to divorce?

We recommend that you keep a record of the date you separated from your spouse. This date is significant for your Divorce Application (if applicable) and the time constraints for starting property settlement procedures with the Court.

We also urge that you collect as much financial information as possible and keep a record of important occurrences (financial such as property matters and non-financial such as children and parenting matters).

Do I require the services of a Family and Divorce Lawyer?

We understand that this is a difficult period in your life, and our Family and Divorce Lawyers are well-equipped to offer you sound advice. We recommend that you meet with one of our Canberra Family and Divorce Lawyers for at least a one-time consultation. Meeting with one of our Family and Divorce Lawyers will give you practical counsel to help you manage your legal concerns.

When dealing with a serious Family Law situation, such as divorce or property settlement, it is strongly advised to acquire legal guidance to address all legal elements. Working with Mediations Australia, our approach is to assist you in resolving the issue rather than going through the time-consuming and costly process of Family Court procedures.

Engaging a Family and Divorce Lawyer can help you manage family disagreements, understand your legal rights and duties, handle any problems pertaining to your children, give assistance on any financial issues, and safeguard your interests throughout the process.

What exactly is separation?

The choice of one partner in a relationship to end the relationship and then convey that decision to the other party. For a Divorce to be granted, the marriage must have irretrievably broken down and the parties must have been separated for at least 12 months immediately previous to filing the Divorce Application.

What Exactly Is a De Facto Relationship?

A real domestic partnership with another partner for at least two years is classified as a de facto relationship. The Family Court Act provides legal rights to persons in de facto partnerships, including child custody issues and property settlements.

How do you handle Property Settlement issues?

Direct discussion, mediation, or other informal techniques can be used to establish an agreement on the reasonable and equitable allocation of property acquired during your marriage or de facto partnership.

If you are unable to address your Property Settlement concerns via mediation and negotiation, the Court will divide the property after hearing evidence.

The following issues will be pertinent:

  • What are each party’s assets, obligations, and financial resources?
  • What contributions did each partner make to the property in terms of direct and indirect financial and non-financial contributions, as well as contributions to the family’s welfare?
  • What are the parties’ future demands, taking into consideration a variety of factors?

Property settlement talks can be problematic in a variety of ways.

We can help you with your Property Settlement concerns and advise you on the important variables in your family law dispute.

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