Mediation in Parenting Matters, Australia

The family law system in Australia is groaning under the weight of a vast backlog of more than 20,000 cases and families are waiting up to five years for bitter child custody and property disputes matters to be resolved. “

Sydney Morning Herald, 18 August 2018

What is Parenting Plan Mediation?

Simply put, a parenting plan documents the care arrangements of your children. Theoretically, parenting plans are useful in that they distil an agreement between you and your ex-partner about the parenting and care arrangements of your children.

A Parenting Plan Mediation is simply the negotiation and agreement between you and your ex-partner on those matters.

What’s So Good about Parenting Plans?

In the context of family law mediation, parenting plans are great for 2 reasons. They distil an agreement, but more importantly, they show a preparedness of you and your ex-partner to talk and agree on the things that matter most, your children.

So, What’s So Bad About Parenting Plans?

“Bad” is probably not the right word to use. If you and your ex-partner have negotiated a parenting plan, that’s great! But, where things can become a little problematic is when circumstances change, or the relationship between you and your ex goes downhill and one or both of you contravene or breach terms within that agreement. Why this is problematic is because the parenting plan you have constructed together is not legally binding.

How Do We Avoid a Potential Disaster?

What you do, is you leverage the willingness of you both to negotiate and agree on those aspects relating to the parenting of your children, ensuring you leave no stone unturned, and you construct the agreement, but most importantly, you have that agreement authorised by the court. This document then becomes a consent order.

How Can Mediations Australia Help Me?

If there is a willingness to negotiate and agree on parenting and care arrangements about your children, you’re three-quarters of the way there! Congratulations! When there is this willingness you can also leverage it to work through any other issues that may be in dispute, following the execution of the court-endorsed consent orders. At Mediations Australia we will work with you and your ex-partner reach an agreement that you’re both happy with, then have that agreement signed off by the court, ensuring what was agreed becomes binding into the future or until such time, circumstances change, requiring amendments to that agreement.

What Should I Do Now?

Simple! Call Mediations Australia or make a time that suits you to talk with one of our Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney family law mediation team. There is no cost for this service.

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