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What We Do

Newcastle Family Law Expertise

Our Newcastle family lawyers are both nationally recognised family dispute resolution practitioners and experienced family lawyers. With all of our family mediators obtaining these skills, they are familiar and can assist you with legislation, case law and family court practices. This vast skill set lends itself well toward distinguishing our mediation firm from the rest.

We are Family Lawyers

With both a family law and mediation background, our Newcastle mediators are renowned for providing a personalised service to all clients regardless of the nature of your family dispute. Our Newcastle mediators will ensure you receive a tailored solution to your dispute while ensuring court action is not necessary.

But We’re Not Really Family Lawyers

Here at Mediations Australia, our priority is to provide guidance to each and every client to ensure that a dispute resolution is achieved among both parties without the need for a court process. By comparison, going to court is both expensive and timely resulting in a namely ‘winner’ ‘loser playout. Due to the nature of this resolution, bitterness often remains. Unlike the court process, mediation helps both parties preserve a stable relationship which is crucial when children are involved.

We Don’t Play Like Family Lawyers

Deciding to take a family dispute to court is a big decision and should be considered thoroughly before proceeding. Court action can result in a minimum of $60,000 or more, not including other hidden legal fees. As a comparison, dispute resolution via mediation is a far more economic option and will generally result in less stress. Here at Mediations Australia, we have a proven track record of being consistent and matter specific with no hidden fees. Our mediators are confident in using modern methods to resolve disputes such as collaborative law whereby the parties in despite decide before the mediation stage that they do not want their matter heard in the courts. This ultimately provides an environment where both parties feel comfortable in their economic position and understand the likelihood of a positive outcome occurring.

The Mediations Australia Process

If you are wanting to go ahead with the mediation process, our Newcastle office are readily available for an initial consultation. This meeting will entail the various dispute resolution options specific to your case and will give you a clear understand of which mediation process will work best for you and the opposing party. Once a mediation plan has been agreed on, one of our mediators will contact the other party to involve them in the discussion.

Once we have agreement from both parties, our Newcastle mediators will schedule the necessary sessions to receive the best outcome possible.

As a part of our service to each and every client, we will accurately advice you of what to expect from the mediation process on the day. This will give you a clear understanding of which route you would like to take be it regular mediation or shuttle mediation.

Newcastle Family Mediation Locations

With our primary aim of ensuring the mediation process is convenient, our team offer a number of different locations where scheduled mediation sessions can be conducted. If you have found yourself in the middle of a family law dispute and have unanswered questions regarding our dispute resolution processes, don’t hesitate to call us at Mediations Australia on 1800 952 380.

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How our Newcastle Mediators Can Help

It is becoming far too familiar and a grim fact, that when couples split up, there are a whirlwind of issues waiting to be resolved. Our Newcastle team at mediations Australia are here to ensure you avoid that daunting experience. Our team are experienced in family disputes of all calibres and will prevent the need for court action.

Family Law Disputes

With experience in both family law and mediation, our Newcastle mediators are experienced in helping separating couples systematically work through their differences to reach both realistic and workable solutions.

Section 601 Certificates

In such instance that you couldn’t resolve your family dispute through mediation, our Newcastle office can issue a 601 certificate so that you can apply to a court to make parenting orders in your dispute.

Parenting Plans

Most commonly, when discussing living arrangements and other child-rearing issues, conflict will arise. Our Newcastle family law mediators can help work through these issues while creating a trusting environment where a legally binding arrangement can be achieved.

De Facto Relationship Disputes

Recognised nationally as a dependant relationship (if 2 years or more), De facto relationship disputes follow the same trajectory as marriage break-down disputes due to their similar nature. Our Newcastle team of mediators will bring both parties together in a mediation session to resolve the issues and disputes relative to children, property, finances and everything in-between.

Financial Agreements

When a long-term relationship breaks down, it is uncommon that there won’t be joint assets and liabilities to fairly divide. More commonly, there is an endless pit that needs sorting through and often results in a predictable area of conflict. Our Newcastle family law mediators will ensure both you and your former partner come to a financial agreement that best represents your wishes.

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