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At Mediations Australia, our Nationally Accredited Mediators can help you resolve your dispute regardless of your location.

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How Mediations Australia Helps

At Mediations Australia, we resolve disputes with significantly better outcomes, not to mention the massive cost and time saving for all involved.

Mediation is increasingly becoming the most effective and efficient way to resolve family disputes. In fact, nearly all Courts in Australia now make mediation mandatory before those in dispute bring their matter to the Court to resolve.

We have a team of Mediators who work across Australia and New Zealand. All of our Mediators are Family Lawyers, so they bring to each and every mediation their strong expertise in both disciplines.

The Mediators at Mediations Australia have successfully helped thousands of people resolve their family disputes, saving them massive amounts of money and time.

If you are involved in a family dispute, before calling a family lawyer, talk with one of our Mediators for free who will answer all your questions relating to mediation and family law.

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About Mediations Australia

We resolve disputes with significantly better outcomes, not to mention the massive cost and time saving for all involved.

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Our Family Law Mediators

Finding the best mediator for your family dispute can be tricky. At Mediations Australia our team of family law mediation are nationally recognised by their peers as being leaders in their respective fields.

Our Family Law Mediation Philosophy

At Mediations Australia, our philosophy is simple. We believe that the traditional way of resolving family disputes is broken. Our objective is to resolve your family law dispute, cheaper, quicker, and more effectively than litigation.

How Our Family Law Mediators Help

All our Mediators work both nationally and internationally. Regardless of the nature of your family dispute and your location, we can help you resolve your family law matter.

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