Collaborative Family Lawyers in Australia

Collaborative law is a uniquely different way of resolving family law disputes. In contrast to mediation, you and your ex-partner would sign an agreement that you both agree to keep the matter out of court. With this option taken off the table, it allows a singular focus from all involved to make it work.

Who Works With Us in a Collaborative Law Process?

You and your ex-partner will work with family lawyers trained in collaborative law. These lawyers also acknowledge that in working with you both that litigation is a no-go zone, so their focus is aligned to resolution of the dispute as well. This is a significant departure for family lawyers who are trained in an adversarial system that ushers people in dispute through a court process. A collaborative law process can also bring together a diverse range of professionals to work “collaboratively” with you and your partner so you can resolve all the relevant issues in dispute and move forward. These professionals may include accountants, financial advisors, psychologists, and counselors.

How Long Does a Collaborative Law Process Take?

A collaborative law process in family law matters typically takes up to three months to resolve, but it depends upon both the nature and complexity of the matters in dispute.

What is the Difference Between Mediation and Collaborative Law?

Whilst mediation and collaborative practice are similar in a number of ways, in particular, a focus to resolve disputes without litigation, there are some differences. The most notable being that a mediator is a neutral party, they maintain a balanced approach, while assisting clients to make up their own decisions. They do not advocate for any one of you.
Conversely, collaborative lawyers act or advocate for each of their respective clients. Despite collaborative lawyers working with others to reach a mutual and satisfactory agreement, the duty of the collaborative lawyer is to their client.

Why Should We Choose Mediations Australia?

At Mediations Australia, we’ve taken all the guesswork out of trying to find the best collaborative lawyers. Our collaborative lawyers are all Accredited Family Law Specialists and have undergone extensive collaborative law study. In addition to this they have a proven track record in successfully resolving both complex and simple disputes through collaborative practice.

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