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How to Waste Tens of Thousands of Dollars

If you’re like most people involved in a family law dispute, you never thought that you would be here, checking out a website page on the costs of sorting things out.

If you’re early in the journey, or yet to take a step, you’re trying to make sense of the path ahead and hopefully, how you can get in and out of all this as quickly and effectively as possible. Hopefully you’re not here to seek revenge, though we acknowledge family breakdown is horrendous, but if that’s your objective, it won’t work and you’ll pay a price that you at some point in the future, wished you never did.

If you have already engaged family lawyers, than you may be here because you regret that decision and you want to get off the merry-go-round.

The good news is that whatever brings you here, you do have control.

One thing you must know is this. Losing control of anything in life, is not a great outcome. But it will likely be a reality for you once you have lawyers involved and the “litigation train” runs in directions you never thought it would, costing you in more ways than one, and the destination you end up, you won’t be happy with. That’s sadly the research!

Do everything in your power to not get on that litigation train.

You’re here to know about fees. Let’s get some context first. Family lawyers charge between $350 – $800 per hour. The average time it takes to get a family law dispute to court is 3 years. You do the maths! Put bluntly, you can be spending upwards of $100,000 in legal fees alone.

At Mediations Australia, we have a success rate of 90% in resolving family law disputes for less than $5,000 in total. That fee is split between you and your former partner.

Let common sense prevail. Talk to our resolution experts now.

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Take Control Over Your Life

Let’s face it, we have been conditioned to believe that if you’re ever involved in a dispute, the first thing you must do is call a lawyer.

Sure, there are those rare occasions when that makes common sense.

But, when it comes to family law, getting lawyers engaged is like throwing fuel on the fire. Lawyers are adversarial, their legal fees derive from conflict and the reality is, that the longer the conflict, the more legal fees for the law firm. You may think that you’re a pawn in the game, you’re correct, but so too is the lawyer, because in essence, they’re not rewarded for early resolution of matters, but rather the more fees they bill for the firm. That’s just how it is!

Regardless of where you are in the family law journey, and how crazy it all is, litigation is not the best way to fix things. That’s why the Courts make mediation mandatory and you will be forced to do it in nearly every circumstance. In fact, you may be requested by the court to do it multiple times.

Mediation works! We have a success rate of over 90%. The cost of mediation for you is the equivalent of a lawyer talking with you and sending a couple of letters.

Let common sense prevail! Talk to one of our mediators today.

The reason that mediation is encouraged by every court in Australia is that it works and it is significantly cheaper than the alternative.

Put bluntly, consider these costs of going to court:

  • for the preparation and first court date you will pay between $6,500 to $12,000 each, not taking into consideration the court fees;
  • You will or may have already spent a substantial amount on legal fees.
  • The average time it will take to get your matter to court is close to 3 years, during which you will continue to pay legal fees of between $350 – $800 per hour;
  • During this time, consistent with a plethora of research,  you will struggle to move forward with your life and relationships will be damaged, not to mention the impact upon your children.

Our Fees

Mediation works

The way disputes are resolved is broken. We’ve been conditioned to believe that the only way to resolve an issue between people is to have lawyers involved. Lawyers are trained to litigate. In an adversarial setting, they take positions, each in their own corner, with their client by their side. The longer a resolution takes to fix, the more battle-weary the client becomes and the more money they spend, often to end up with a ruling by the court that no one is happy with.

Now, you do the maths. The average hourly rate of a family lawyer is $500 per hour. The average time it takes to get your matter before the Family Court is 35 months. Let’s conservatively say that your family lawyer will spend 10 hours per month on your file. Extrapolate that figure and you will end up paying in the vicinity of $175,000 in legal fees. This figure does not generally consider paralegal fees, Barrister fees, court document filing fees, and court fees. You potentially may be spending upwards of $200,000.

Now, remember that your ex-partner is doing the same thing. So, using the same example, collectively you both spend $450, 000 which will more than likely be removed from the property pool.

On top of this, according to a plethora of research, neither of you will be happy with the court outcome.

Cutting to the chase, mediation, on the other hand, will cost less than $4,000 and you and your ex-partner will pay $2,000 each.

In Australia, our courts are choked with litigation. Judicial officers are insisting on additional steps to be established that make people realise that resolving disputes through litigation simply doesn’t work.

In family law, there already are steps requiring mediation that are mandatory.

It’s through this experience that Mediations Australia exists!

Why Mediations Australia

Simply put, litigation doesn’t work! This is especially the case in family law concerns. When you involve lawyers in family law disputes, matters often become more complicated, more emotionally charged, more costly and time-consuming. Lots of well-respected judicial officers and lawyers admit that in family law mediation, with litigation, there are no winners, only losers.

At Mediations Australia, we bring a refreshingly new and agile way of resolving family law disputes. We resolve them in days, not years. We resolve them for under $5,000, not $200,000.

Here are some of the other reasons why you should choose Mediations Australia:

Resolve disputes quickly.

Family law litigation typically takes many years to resolve. At Mediations Australia, we can get family law matters sorted within days.

The cost of litigation is crazy.

Typically, the cost of family litigation can run into the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. At Mediations Australia, we can resolve issues for under $5,000.

Resolve your family law matter more effectively.

No need to walk the long, hard road of family law litigation.

Have better control over the outcomes.

Family law litigation customarily involves plenty of cooks in the kitchen, each with their own objectives and agendas. Better results happen when the two parties can reach a consensus that becomes legally binding. Family law litigation invariably involves plenty of cooks in the kitchen, each with their own objectives and agendas. Better results happen when the two of you can work out an agreement, that then, becomes legally binding.

Save plenty by avoiding big legal fees.

You do the math! If your family law matter takes 3 years to resolve (the average time it takes to resolve litigation), with family lawyers averaging an hourly rate between $350-$800, you could potentially be facing legal costs of about $124,800 up to $218,400. This doesn’t include other legal staff fees, Barrister and court fees.

Who are the Mediations Australia Mediators?

At Mediations Australia, we are pedantic about the skills and capabilities of our Mediators.

Each member of our team is a qualified family lawyer with notable experience both in family law practice and mediation. Our family law mediators are all nationally accredited and registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners with the Federal Attorney-General’s Department.

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