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The reason that mediation is encouraged by every court in Australia is that it works and it is significantly cheaper than the alternative.

Put bluntly, consider these costs of going to court –

  • for the preparation and first court date you will pay between $6,500 to $12,000 each, not taking into consideration the court fees;
  • You will or may have already spent a substantial amount in legal fees.
  • The average time it will take to get your matter to court is close to 3 years, during which you will continue to pay legal fees of approximately $350 per hour;
  • During this time, consistent with a plethora of research,  you will struggle to move forward with your life and relationships will be damaged, not to mention the impact upon your children


Mediation Works

The way disputes are resolved is broken. We’ve long been conditioned to believe that the only way to resolve an issue between people is to have lawyers involved. Lawyers, by nature, are trained to litigate. In an adversarial environment, they take positions, each in their own corner, with their client by their side. The longer a matter takes to resolve, the more battle-weary the client becomes and the more money they pay, often to end up with a decision by the court that no-one is happy with.

Now, you do the maths. The average hourly rate of a family lawyer is $400 per hour. The average time it takes to get your matter before the Family Court is 35 months. Let’s conservatively say that your family lawyer will spend 10 hours per month on your file. Extrapolate that figure and you will end up paying in the vicinity of $140,000 in legal fees. This figure does not take into consideration paralegal fees, Barrister fees, court document filing fees and court fees generally. You potentially may be spending upwards of $200,000.

Now, remember that your ex-partner is doing the same thing. So, using the same example, collectively you both spend $400, 000 of which will more than likely be removed from the property pool.

On top of this, according to a plethora of research, neither of you will be happy with the court outcome.

Cutting to the chase, mediation, on the other hand, will cost less than $5,000 and you and your ex-partner will pay $2,500 each.

In Australia, our courts are choked with litigation and judicial officers are screaming for more steps to be instituted that make people come to their senses that resolving disputes through litigation simply doesn’t work.

In the context of family law, already there are steps requiring mediation that are mandatory.

It’s out of this experience that Mediations Australia exists!

Why Mediations Australia

Simply put, litigation doesn’t work! This is particularly the case in family law matters. When lawyers become involved in family law disputes, matters often become more complicated, more emotionally-charged, more time-consuming and much more expensive. Plenty of well-respected judicial officers and lawyers concede that in the context of family law mediation, with litigation there are no winners, only losers.

At Mediations Australia, regardless of where you’re located, we bring a refreshingly new way of resolving family law conflicts. We resolve them in days, not years, we resolve them for under $3,000, not $200,000.

Here are some of the other reasons why you should choose Mediations Australia:

1. Resolve Disputes Quickly

Family law litigation typically lasts for many years. At Mediations Australia, we can get family law issues sorted in days.

2. The Cost of Litigation is Crazy

It’s generally held that the cost of family law litigation runs into the tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars. We resolve issues for under $5,000.

3. Resolve Your Family Law Matter More Effectively

Family law litigation is a long and hard road of which all involved, walk together. It gets harder as the road gets longer. It doesn’t have to be!

4. Have Better Control Over the Outcomes

Family law litigation invariably involves plenty of cooks in the kitchen, each with their own objectives and agendas. Better results happen when the two of you can work out an agreement, that then, becomes legally binding.

5. Save Plenty by Avoiding Big Legal Fees

You do the maths! The average hourly rate of family lawyers is between $400 and $700. Conservatively let’s say your lawyer works on your file 2 hours each week and your matter takes 3 years to resolve (which is the average). On the lower end, your legal costs will be, $124,800 and on the upper end, $218,400. This is excluding other legal staff fees, Barristers and court fees.

Who Are the Mediations Australia Mediators?

At Mediations Australia, we are pedantic about the skills and capabilities of our Mediators. Each member of our team are qualified family lawyers with significant experience both in family law practice and the practice of mediation. Our family law mediation are all nationally accredited and registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners with the Department of the Federal Attorney-General.

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