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Tahlia Bleier

Family Law & Workplace Disputes

Tahlia Bleier has been working exclusively in the area of family law for 8 years and has been the Director of Steiner Legal since 2018. Drawing on personal and professional experience, she understands the gravity and importance of decisions families make when two parents separate, both as they relate to parenting and financial matters.

As a mediator, Tahlia strives to provide her clients with a high level of commitment and care, acknowledging that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach in family law. Every family is unique and requires a tailored solution for them, which starts with the selection of the right mediator.

Tahlia approaches every mediation with a fresh, careful and measured philosophy, allowing time for pre-mediation sessions where required. Tahlia understands the true cost to parties of litigation and leverages this reality throughout the mediation process to encourage the resolution of matters. Mediation can be provided in person, or by way of zoom, which means that Tahlia can service client’s Australia-wide.

As a legal representative, Tahlia appeared in the High Court of Australia in 2019 on behalf a known donor who was seeking recognition as his daughter’s legal parent. Tahlia was successful in achieving the outcome sought by her client and set new legal precedent in the process.

Tahlia also appears regularly in the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia as an advocate and as an Independent Children’s Lawyer, representing children’s interests and views within the court system. Tahlia also regularly presents seminars, podcasts and papers on family law.