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How Does Mediation Help Co-Parenting

How Does Mediation Help Co-Parenting

Most separated parents want to equally maintain parenting responsibilities. The success of this often depends on how amicable the relationship is between you and your ex-partner. It goes without saying that if you are both embroiled in long-standing litigation it’s probably more likely than not that any shared or co-parenting arrangement will be problematic. In contrast, couples who have experienced mediation have a far greater degree and willingness to make things work for the sake of their children.

What is Co-Parenting?

Basically co-parenting derives from an agreement that both you and your ex-partner will continue to have parental responsibility for their child or children,

The best examples of co-parenting include key characteristics and features:

  • Collaborative parenting– where both of you have similar parenting styles and implement consistent rules or practices across the two households; or
  • Parallel parenting– where you both may have different rules in the two relevant households, but you both agree to assist your child or children to transition between the two households without issue.

Co-Parenting & Mediation

In understanding co-parenting and in particular collaborative and parallel parenting you can easily see that the success of these methods relies heavily upon effective communication between you and your ex-partner. It’s also the most fundamental aspects of this communication, being able to discuss together a forthcoming school assignment, what time the touch football game is on and what is the medication for the flu-like symptoms of your daughter, that play out each and every day at a practical level.

The objective of mediation in parenting plan matters is to resolve disputes and instigate an effective process going forward that lends itself to healthy parenting.

Are There Things That Can Assist Us Co-Parenting?

Yes, there sure is. The Triple P program is highly regarded.

How Can Mediations Australia Help?

If you would like to know more about how you can better the prospects of co-parenting effectively post-separation through mediation, contact one of our Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney mediation teams at Mediations Australia.

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