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Is Mediation Expensive?

Is Mediation Expensive?

In the scheme of things, mediation is inexpensive when compared with the alternatives. But it also needs to be considered in the context of if successful, the massive amount of time and emotional energy you save in resolving in this manner as opposed to litigation.

What is the cost of mediation?

A mediation will range in cost from $2500 to $5000. The variation in cost usually derives from the experience and qualifications of the respective mediator. At the upper end of the scale, maybe a practitioner who has many years of experience as both a family lawyer and mediator and potentially as an ex-family law court magistrate or judge. The fee is recommended to be split between you and your ex-partner.

How Does this Fee Compare to a Lawyer’s Fee?

Typically in the practice of family law, a lawyer’s hourly rate will range from $350 to $700 an hour. What needs to be remembered is that if you choose or have no other option because of circumstances out of your control, the litigation path, that hourly rate scales exponentially. Conversely, meditation is a fixed fee.

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But What Happens if Mediation Doesn’t Work?

When there exists a high degree of willingness by both people to agree, mediation rarely fails. Research suggests in this context upwards of 80% of parenting matters and property disputes can be resolved with mediation. However, even if it did fail, it still helps in defining the issues, in particular, those that are sticky and the deal-breakers. This knowledge alone will substantially help your family lawyers in their attempts to resolve your family law mediation.

If Mediation Does Not Work Can We Still Go To Court?

If mediation does not work in resolving the dispute between you and your ex-partner you may still choose to litigate. If this is the case, at Mediations Australia we can seamlessly refer you to one of our recommended family lawyers.

What Should We Do Next?

If you have any questions about anything to do with it or other ways to resolve your family law dispute mediation, simply talks to one of our Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane meditation team.

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